Monday, May 3, 2021


Well, I have finished her creation; Rosa now lives. To complete her life, I include the first stanza of a poem I wrote in my youth describing the passion of her life - Fire. "La Rosa Magica," makes life hot and spellbinding.

The Eternal Scorch of a Sun Goddess
Your golden bronze body steams with searing heat as if a burning smoky desire drenched by love’s wave. Standing before me, golden, divine, Cleopatric, you summon my body with an imperceptive nod. Deeply tanned by the burning light of worship, except for your secrets now covered, you command me to kneel as you lift your sparkling dress revealing your true essence, the blaze of a crimson rose. I clasp my hands in prayer, touch them to my forehead, and plead for a taste of your fire.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

I need to comment on this Covid19 from an artistic sense, so here it is...

When creating a work of art, one of the most important aspects of the artwork is the focal point. All else within the work should draw and focus your eyes on that point (as if it is the anchor that shows the truth of the work.) For instance--the portrait of a woman. If the artist has any ability at all, they would first decide what feature of the woman defines her. Her eyes, let's say. So, in painting the portrait, everything else should play and shift your eyes to hers because that's what defines her beauty, and within those eyes, the artist should show the personality that she possesses -- determination, love, happiness, brooding...

To me, what I see as today's societal focus on Covid19 is a shifting focal point that has no concrete basis or anchor within the work; there is nothing there that one can say for sure. Where did it come from? Was it developed in a lab? Did it come from bats? Is China playing us? Are we using this pandemic to screw with China? Did it move from China to Europe first since they had the breakout before us? Are Bankers using this as a cover-up to reset the global monetary system? Why was the annual flu that's been killing well over 100,000 US citizens a year not treated with this amount of fear and focus? So is this all a bunch of Bullshit?

My conclusion and my idea for a painting of this COVID19 (as of today) are - there is no focal point, only fear, chaos and misdirection swirling around inside the painting looking for a place to anchor the truth. So in that sense, there is no truth to this COVID pandemic.

To do a current painting of it, the artist would have to depict total chaos swirling with questions, speculations, unfounded fears, real fears, and lies. The truth would be nowhere in sight, just the ghost of it looking for the future safe harbor to anchor itself within.

(Probably a COVID ghost ship being tossed in a sea of chaos, waves crashing over it with lies, real and unreal fears, politics, money, and evil deadly outcomes.) In that sense then, I am reminded of the surrealists such as Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington, and Freda Kahlo.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Drowning in Sorrow

Drowning in Sorrow
 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas

Simply stated, "Drowning in Sorrow" is my vision of an emotional loss.
For me, that concept spans sixty-plus years of life and is a reoccurring experience that I dread. Yet, it is a part of life that we must deal with in all our years on this earth. It is a vision of the overwhelming plunge into dark sadness that we feel when an emotional shock rocks us with loss. It could be a break-up with a lover, a sad goodbye, the loss of a pet, a forced move from a place loved, an illness, a divorce, yet, mostly, from the death of someone you love.

FYI: You may wonder why I use women in paintings that have emotional themes. The simple answer is women motivate me. Many of my themes are universal (Sorrow) so, either way, a man or a woman can relate. I use women because, in my book, they are the beauty in life, and, as an artist, I pursue that beauty in my vision.

(I am still working on this painting, so you see it in its unfinished state.)

Love's Contemplation

Love's Contemplation
 24 x 24 Oil on canvas

Wrapped in contemplation, she searches for understanding.

What is love? How does one go forward with love? Do we give love freely without expectation of any return? Should we beg for it? Does love ever end? Can love end for some but not for others?

Is love a secret cove where two souls intimately share their lives while floating in a pool fed by a waterfall of passion?
Is it possible that the passion can change to one of sad misting tears?

One prays for answers.

Heavenly Prayer

Heavenly Prayer
18 x 24 oil on Canvas

From the dazzle of heavenly stars and in the dream of Life
She Prays for God's Guidance


24 x 36 Original Oil on Canvas

Poster 24 x 36 printed on Poster-Paper 

The Most Important Decision of Her Life
Hangs in the Balance

Cirque du SolarEyes

Cirque du SolarEyes
47 x 35 Oil on Canvas

 She Flies Through the Air, across the Azure of Heaven,
and Soars with all the Stark Colors of a Circus Beauty